About Us

Aims & Objectives

Rand’s Educational Foundation is a registered charity offering financial support to young people under the age of 25 in the villages of Ickleford, Holwell, Pirton and Lower Stondon.  The foundation was established by the will of John Rand, who died in 1706, but is now regulated by a charitable trust deed.

We support young people across a wide range of organisations and activities within our geographical reach.  These include:

  • Annual per capita grants for Ickleford, Pirton and Lower Stondon Pre-schools and Primary Schools, which are used to provide additional opportunities and resources for the students.
  • Annual grants to individuals attending full-time further education, both in sixth form and further or higher education.
  • Ex-gratia awards to individuals and local organisations pursuing educational, musical or recreational activities. We have previously made awards to support young people raising funds to support a World Challenge for example, as well as youth groups, Scouts and youth sports teams.

In order to qualify for any individual grants, the applicant must reside within the parish boundaries of Ickleford, Holwell, Pirton or Lower Stondon.


The charity is governed by a number of Trustees (both nominated and co-opted) who ensure that the Foundation is well managed and can provide the income required to support the grants that we provide to local individuals and organisations.  You can find out more on our Trustees here.

How We Work

Rand’s Educational Foundation derives its income from a portfolio of property and investment funds.  We own both residential and commercial properties locally and further afield and the return we make from our rental is combined with the income we generate from our investment fund to satisfy the annual demand for grants.

Most years, we give away what our investments provide, but we remain committed to meeting the needs of the future, so we keep one eye on the increase in housing within our geographical reach and its impact on the Trust’s finances.  Our Asset Management committee members ensure that we are meeting our financial, operational and ethical objectives.