Rand’s Educational Foundation was established by the will of John Rand who died in 1706, but is now regulated by a charitable trust deed dated 8th August, 1986.

The Foundation is registered as a charitable trust and is regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales under registration number 311022.

Our annual report and accounts documents are freely available to view.

Our Trustees

The Trustees meet three times a year with the annual meeting in May.  All major policy decisions are taken by the Trustees and facilitated through the Foundation’s Clerk who is responsible for carrying out the instructions.

The Trustees are appointed by various bodies (listed below) other than the Trustees who are appointed by all the existing Trustees as co-optees:

Ben Hurworth (Co-opted) – Chairman
James Carlyle (Co-opted)- Vice Chairman

John Barker (Co-opted)
Colin Cropley (Holwell Parochial Church Council)
Colin Everett (Holwell Parish Council)
Michael Cooper (Co-opted)
Rosemary Gainsford (Holwell Parochial Church Council)
Wendy Harris (Holwell residents)
John Hayes (Co-opted)
Penny Lazenby (Stondon Parish Council)
Nick Rowe (Pirton Parish Council)
Claire Strong (North Hertfordshire District Council)
Colin Thurstance (Ickleford Parish Council)

Keeping one eye on the future….

The Foundation is continually reviewing the future requirement of funds in light of a growing population in the local area; continuous consideration is given to new housing developments in the area and the impact that may have on future grants.  The Foundation will continue to carefully manage its investments and monitor its reserve requirements in the future to ensure that there is sufficient funds available for the Foundation to meet its objectives.