Higher Education (University) Application

PDF file image 100x100   Application Form for Higher Education (18+)

PDF file image 100x100   Renewal Form (previous applicants only)


  • Applicants must have a permanent home address in the villages of Ickleford, Holwell, Pirton or Stondon
  • Applicants must be following a programme of full time study at their chosen university or college.
  • Grants will only be awarded for a student’s first degree course
  • Students receiving an award must complete their course each year
  • Documentary evidence must be provided for each year.  Please provide a copy of your offer letter for the first year of study and a copy of your exam results (which must contain confirmation of the continuation of the course) in subsequent years.
  • A separate application should be made for each complete year of study – the Renewal Form may be used for subsequent years of the same course

Application Procedure

  1. Download a copy of the appropriate application form
  2. If you are following a new course or attending a new institution, use the main application form and follow steps 3 to 8 below.  If you are returning to an existing course for a subsequent year, please use the Renewal Form and follow steps 5 to 8 below.
  3. Fill in Sections 1 (a), (b) & (c)
  4. Fill out Section 2 if you are attending a further education college, or Section 3 if you are attending a higher education institution (eg university or specialist college)
  5. Documentary evidence of the placement must be provided by the college or university (see above)
  6. Sign and date the form
  7. Completed forms can either be posted to the Clerk or scanned and e-mailed
  8. Address and e-mail details can be found on the Contact Us page

What happens then?

  • All applications are reviewed by the Governing body to ensure eligibility
  • Once eligibility is confirmed, the relevant payment will be made by cheque, posted to the applicant’s home address