Voluntary Organisations Application

PDF file image 100x100Grant application form for organisations

Notes on submissions

  • The organisation must ordinarily be based in the villages of Ickleford, Holwell, Pirton or Stondon
  • The organisation must benefit young people under the age of 25 who reside within the catchment area specified above
  • It is helpful if the application form is accompanied by supporting documentation explaining the project in more detail
  • The organisation should make a co-funding contribution of at least 25%
  • The application should be for new resources and not ongoing costs
  • Applicants should identify any other pending or approved applications for other sources of funding
  • Each application is considered on its own merits by a full meeting of the Trustees, usually in Spring (February or March) each year
  • The level of funding is not guaranteed and depends upon the particulars of the application and the funds available at the time

Submission Date

  • Applications must be submitted by the end of January for consideration at the Spring meeting of the Trustees

Application Procedure

  1. Download a copy of the application form
  2. Fill in all the relevant sections
  3. Please provide a cover letter giving more detail on the application, especially if there are other elements you would like to raise – the more detail you provide will enable the Trustees to make an informed decision
  4. Sign and date the form
  5. Completed forms can either be posted to the Clerk or scanned and e-mailed
  6. Address and e-mail details can be found on the Contact Us page

What happens then?

  • All applications are reviewed by the Governing body to determine the validity of the application and agree the amount payable
  • Following this decision, a payment will be made to the organisation if applicable
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