World Challenge Success!

During the summer of 2016, me and sixteen others from Hitchin Boy’s School embarked on a twenty-eight day world challenge trip to Thailand and Cambodia with the company Outlook Expedition.  One of the challenges was to raise over £4,500 to fund the trip, which was difficult, but by working at Hitchin Lavender Farm and undertaking various fundraising events, together with a financial contribution from Rand’s Education Foundation, I was able to raise the money.

During the expedition, I was able to present and learn various skills, such as being given the role of team leader for one day which gave me responsibility for others within my group.  We spent 5 days working alongside local conservation staff on the Chi Phat Eco-Tourism Project and built somewhere for the tourists to sleep overnight when they are trekking in the forest.  We also did some trekking ourselves, visited a Cambodian school and met a survivor from the Khmer Rouge Prison S-21 in Cambodia.

Meeting a survivor of S-21 Prison


I also had the responsibility of making sure all the transport arrangements were correct, keeping to the budget allocated and most importantly making sure no one got left behind! I learnt from this that the key to success is communication and teamwork, something I believe I can incorporate into my future life.

Finally, the greatest lesson I took away from this trip was opportunity. I’ve learnt to appreciate the education that is presented before me and to seize it with both hands.

Joe Henshaw

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