Pirton Pre-School spends their annual grant from Rand’s

The Trustees were delighted to learn recently that Pirton Pre-School had used their annual grant on some very worthy projects – one to improve their garden space and create a new den and another to install a new whiteboard specially for the children.

During the Easter holidays, members of staff volunteered their time to make improvements to their outdoor space. All woodwork was refreshed with a coat of paint and new, themed play areas created including a construction/digging area, water play area and music area. A portion of the grant was used to purchase the materials and many of the resources for these areas.

Once the garden was finished, their team moved on to what had formerly been known as “The Blue Room”. The grant enabled them to purchase new furniture, soft furnishings and toys for what is now called “The Den”. This room provides a quiet space for the children and incorporates their library and sensory equipment, to create a calm ambience.

Finally, they had long wished for an interactive whiteboard for the main room in the setting for the children to use. Whilst they have tablets and a small computer, these are often “worked” by the adults and they were keen to have a resource that wasn’t so much adult-directed but at child level and fully interactive for them. It would also allow more opportunity for group ICT sessions. Together with funds raised through events at pre-school, the final portion of the grant was used to purchase this whiteboard and, unsurprisingly, is hugely popular with the children.

More details about the preschool are available on www.pirtonpreschool.co.uk and they also have a Facebook page if anyone wishes to follow them.

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